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Mrs Beeton's Plain Buns 
Recipe Name Mrs Beeton's Plain Buns 
Difficulty Level Medium 
Traditional food from United Kingdom 
Ingredients 2lb of Flour
pint Milk
8 oz. Butter
6 oz. Soft Brown Sugar
3 fl oz. fresh yeast (or dried equivalent)
Warm Milk 
Preparation 1. Pre heat the oven to 210 C

2. Put the flour into a basin, mix with the sugar.

3. Make a hole in the centre and stir in the yeast and milk (which should be lukewarm), with enough of the flour to make it the thickness of cream.

4. Cover the basin over with a cloth and let the mixture rise in a warm place, which will take about 1 hours.

5. Melt the butter, but do not allow it to boil.

6. Stir the molten butter into the other ingredients, with enough warm milk to make into a soft dough.

7. Mould into buns about the size of an egg.

8. Place them in rows about 3 inches apart so they have room to spread.

9. Put the buns in a warm place and leave them until they have risen to double their size.

10. Bake in a good brisk oven and just before they are done, brush with a little milk. Cooking should take 15 to 20 minutes.

These buns may be varied by adding a few currants, candied peel, or caraway seeds to the other ingredients. 


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