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Small cakes and buns are easy to cook. You don't need complicated cooking equipment and you don't need to be a skilled cook.

These recipes cover simple buns and cup cakes through to quite complicated cooking; there are recipes for every cook to try.

Pick a bun or cake recipe from the main list, or do a search by name or ingredients in the search box below.

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Bun Recipes
Recipe Name
Difficulty Level
Traditional food from
View Almond and Cherry Buns Medium Anywhere
View Cinnamon Buns (Low Fat) Medium Anywhere
View Coconut Buns Easy Anywhere
View Coffee Buns Easy Anywhere
View Belgian Buns Easy Anywhere
View Strawberry Cream Buns Medium Anywhere
View Spiced Currant Buns Advanced Anywhere
View Marmalade Buns Easy Anywhere
View Swiss Buns Medium Anywhere
View Walnut Buns Easy Anywhere
View Lemon Buns 02 Easy Anywhere
View Lemon Buns Easy Anywhere
View German Buns Easy Germany
View Irish Rock Buns Easy Ireland
View Jamaican Spicy Buns Easy Jamaica
View Raisin Buns Easy Norway
View Island Sugar Buns Advanced Trinidad and Tobago
View Hot Cross Buns Advanced United Kingdom
View English Scones Easy United Kingdom
View Tea Buns Easy United Kingdom



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The Kids Cookbook

Cooking is fun. Baking cakes and buns can be an educational activity for children, involving measuring, following instructions, decision making and socialising / working with other people. For the best experience make sure you have the ingredients and cooking equipment to hand before you begin baking. These recipes have all been tried and tested, and should work. No specialist cooking equipment is needed - the average kitchen will contain all the ingredients and equipment you need to have fun, and bake great cakes and buns.